No Lazy Sunday Today!

There’s no denying the holidays are here again! This weekend is just the beginning of craziness that will follow until we reach Christmas. It started Friday night with dress rehearsal for my choral concert. Yesterday was the concert. I hoped the audience enjoyed our selections. I certainly had fun performing. It was, in fact, my first time singing with such a large group. Today, we have another concert. I’ve got my feet up and am relaxing until the very last-minute! Note to self: don’t wear heels when having to stand for a long period of time while singing!

I have managed to do some reading. I made it through both The Good Thief by James Buchanan and Aidan and Ethan by Cameron Dane. I really liked The Good Thief – Caesar and Nate were awesome. He did an excellent job of overcoming the impossibility of a felon (burglaries among other crimes) falling in love with a LAPD officer. Plus, how could you not love the little terrier (“rat dog” in Nate’s words) Ponchito? The book was an excellent balance of action, steamy scenes, and an intriguing plot (what did Caesar find when he burglarized a LAPD officer’s home??). I am looking forward to reading more from James Buchanan.

Cameron Dane is one of my favorite m-m authors. However, Aidan and Ethan didn’t resonate with me. It opened well, setting up the lust and feelings between two high school guys. Mysteriously and without warning, Aidan took off and didn’t return for over twelve years, leaving Ethan stewing and filled with resentment. That anger carried very far into the story – yes, we got the point already – and when we finally learn the reason why, I was a bit disappointed. It wasn’t nearly as serious or significant as what I thought. The book did have a strong ending, and the author wrapped up the loose ends, but this wasn’t a favorite read for me.


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