A Spider in the Pool

I had a busy day yesterday – broke out the road bike, which needs an overall tune-up (especially the gearing) and then I went to the pool. Given my rotten luck (and the fact the pool needs more life guards), it closed a mere 45 minutes from when I got there.

The real story of the pool, though, is the spider at the bottom. To be more specific, a brown spider was sitting on the floor of the pool in the deep end.

Up until this point, I didn’t think spiders could survive in water, much less five feet of water. This one appeared to be doing just fine. I intently focused on it lest the spider attack when I least expected it. Initially I didn’t see it move, but later two of its legs were waving in the water. Huh.

Today the pool was closed for “deep cleaning.” My hope is that said spider was eradicated – washed right out of the pool. Given my work schedule, I won’t be able to check on that until Sunday. Cross your fingers for me…


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