The Wanderlust Series

  • Title:  Deception in Geneva Deception in Geneva
  • Author:  Bella Ross
  • Published:  October 23rd, 2013
  • Page Count:  126 pages
  • Genre:  Erotic Romance
  • Content Warning:  Contains erotic/sexual material
  • Age Restriction:   18+

Synopsis:  Sometimes running from the past leads hot and heavy consequences…

Former psychic spy, Chloe St. Laurent is a woman of many secrets. Five years ago, after her lover, a diehard mercenary, is kidnapped and murdered while on a secret mission in Darfur leaves her life and heart in ruins. As a means to cope, Chloe disappears into a thin air and settles in a small town in the Alps leaving behind everything and everyone in order to heal from the demons and horrors of that mission. She manages to build a new life, a life of solitude and peace. All that is about to change when Zane Hammond, head of a powerful mercenary organization, finds her and begs her to join forces with him in bringing down a notorious arms dealer. What unfolds between them not only unearths both of their pasts but ignites a dangerous attraction that cannot be denied. But helping the enemy is out of the question, since she holds Zane responsible for her lover’s death, Chloe is fearful of refusing him flat out and runs yet again. However, this time she does not run far before Zane catches up with her and renders some hot and heavy consequences for being deceived.

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  • Title:  Passion in Paris Passion in Paris
  • Author:  Bella Ross
  • Published:  August 19th, 2013
  • Page Count:  29 pages
  • Genre:  Erotic Romance
  • Content Warning:  Contains erotic/sexual material
  • Age Restriction:   18+

Synopsis: One night. One Powerful Attraction. One kiss….

Billionaire Max Gray has one thing on his mind – Kate Bergen. Ever since their hot and passionate kiss at a fundraiser one night, his desire to own and possess her becomes all encompassing. Goaded by his attraction for her, he whisks her off to Paris to explore the scorching possibilities between them – especially the woman who set him ablaze with just a kiss.

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  • Title:  Surrender in RomeSurrender in Rome
  • Author:  Bella Ross
  • Published:  August 19th, 2013
  • Page Count:  10 pages
  • Genre:  Erotic Romance
  • Content Warning:  Contains erotic/sexual material
  • Age Restriction:   18+

Synopsis: It’s all about business until it turns into pleasure…

When PR dynamo’s Laura and Eric rush to Rome to contain a scandal involving one of their high profile clients, their business trip soon turns hot and heavy when he unexpectedly shows up at her hotel room and finds her wearing nothing but a sheer black robe. Overcome by desire, he quickly sets about seducing her.

Will he finally, after months of pursuing Laura, be able to break her resistance and make her surrender?

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  • Title:  Confession in VegasConfession in Vegas
  • Author:  Bella Ross
  • Published:  September 10th, 2013
  • Page Count:  23 pages
  • Genre:  Erotic Romance
  • Content Warning:  Contains erotic/sexual material
  • Age Restriction:   18+

Synopsis: A confession can be oh so tempting…

Jenna Harper has it all, a gorgeous and loving man, a thriving career, a busy social life and fabulous adventures around the world. Life is indeed good. But all that is about to be tested when billionaire Thorne Hamilton makes a confession that leaves Jenna shocked. Will his confession tempt her to put everything on the line?

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About the Author:

Bella Ross is a writer with many passions, two of which are writing and travelling. She wrote her first book (a novel) at eighteen a la Jackie Collins. But back then, unbeknownst to her, life was about to take her on a detour. As she set off on her new course, her dream of writing took a backseat and her entrepreneurial spirit flourished instead. But after many years of worldly pursuits, the urge to write returned and the time was right to follow her bliss.

She believes it’s never too late to follow your dreams/bliss.

Her books/stories are her first attempt at erotic romance. She loves the genre and its endless creative possibilities. She likes pairing bold and dynamic (Alpha) men with sexy and strong women – which in her opinion – make for a hot and sizzling combination. With her love of travel, it is no surprise that her ‘Wanderlust Series’ take place in glamorous capitals or exotic locales around the world. It’s the perfect backdrop/setting for her characters to explore and indulge their lusts and passions, loves and desires.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading, or gallivanting all over seeking new inspiration, or people watching while enjoying a latte at Starbucks and jotting down ideas.

She loves to hear from readers, and looks forward to interacting through her social media channels. You can also sign up for her mailing list to be notified about new releases and promotional offers.

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