Botanical Illustrations

For today’s blog post, I’m taking a walk on the flower side. I decided to change things up a bit – thought you might like a break from books, reviews, and writing.

Yesterday I speFront bannernt the morning at the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. (click here to get to the Garden’s website.) The flowers and gardens were very impressive (both indoor and out)! I really enjoyed seeing all the orchids as well as exploring the different plants in their own climates. Of particular interest to me as an artist was the exhibit in the Conservatory’s East Gallery on American Botanicals: Mid-Atlantic Native Plants. 

For those of you who know how my mind works, I wondered what it would take to do these kind of sketches. Well, first things first. In Google searching, I learned that the correct name for sketching flowers, leaves, the stages of the plant, etc, is called “botanical illustration.” Pretty fancy-schmancy, huh?!

While I know Wikipedia isn’t the best source out there, I’m going to use them since the Smithsonian’s website on Botany was not cooperating.

Wiki’s definition:

Botanical illustration is the art of depicting the form, colour, and details of plant species, frequently in watercolour paintings. These are often printed with a botanical description in book, magazines, and other media. The creation of these requires an understanding of plant morphology and access to specimens and references. They are often composed in consultation with a scientific author.

They did, however, point me to the American Society of Botanical Artists. Be sure to check out their site. They have everything from Membership to Exhibits to Education. And don’t you think I won’t be checking out the Education section, in particular the “how-to” books.


Now, to exhibits… Following in the Bartrams’ Footsteps is the current exhibit. It is a traveling exhibit that is presently in Atlanta and then will be moving to North Carolina. Unfortunately, I missed the Philly show.

Jumping around (must be the ADHD kicking in!!), I found a blog for the Denver Botanic Gardens’ School of Botanical Art and Illustration. You can check it out here. They also have a list of classes and seminars.

Now that I’ve provided all these wonderful (well, hopefully wonderful) resources, I’m going to check them out. I may just have to try painting some of my own botanical illustrations. Enjoy!!


To all the dads out there: Happy Father’s Day! I hope you enjoy your day!

D.C. Photos

I wanted to share some of the pics I took this past weekend while in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my nice Canon digital SLR with me so I made use of the camera on my phone. They are still some fun shots even though they weren’t taken with my good camera. I should warn you that not all of the photos are tourist destinations. Since I have a home to decorate, I’m keeping an eye out for interior design ideas as well as architectural details. Hope you enjoy those tidbits too.


Lincoln Street Sign_EDNational_Portrait_Gallery_EDChinatown_Street_ED

Welcome 2014

Well, today is a fresh start in some respects. People will be making and trying to keep all those resolutions, and in general, preparing for what lies ahead. I decided to lay out some general goals for this year. I know, I know: goals are supposed to be specific, measurable, realistic, and attainable. I think for me, though, general works better!

By the way, as I’m typing this, I’m listening to the soundtrack from the CW’s show Arrow. Ahh…new episode January 15th. Sorry, sidetracked already!! Continue reading “Welcome 2014”

Beautiful Blossoms

I’ve found my next project for my art journal. As I was finishing my run/ wBlossoms_webalk today, I took time to notice the beautiful trees blooming in my neighborhood. This, of course, led to me retrieving my cell phone so I could photograph various aspects of the tree. I was already envisioning the next page in my art journal.

This also necessitated research. I needed to know what type of tree this was. While two opinions exist, I’m thinking the safe bet is that the tree is a Kwanzan Cherry Tree.

Sadly, this is a short post tonight. I’m off to a writer’s meeting. Hope you enjoy my pic of the blossoms!

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