Monday Mentions

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I admit it . . . despite all the snow days, I’ve been slacking on writing book reviews and reporting on my favorite reads from 2013. I am happy to say, Netflix has lost its grip on my attention, and I am back to reading. I just finished Fish & Chips, book #3 in the Cut & Run series (m-m romance). I am thoroughly enamored with Zane and Ty. Yeah, it’s only taken three books to get me there!! I am very excited to start book #4, Divide and Conquer.

Oops, got sidetracked! So, Monday Mentions . . . I thought I would mention some of my favorite M-M reads of late and give some recommendations. After all, it is yet another snow day in Maryland – yay! – and you might need some hot, sexy, and potentially troubled guys to read to take your mind off all of the white stuff! Continue reading “Monday Mentions”

Thoughts: Break and Enter

Today, since I have this blasted cold and can’t stray too far from a box of tissues, I finished reading Break and Enter (Red Cell #1), written by Rachel Haimowitz and Aleksandr Voinov. It is an m-m novella, just over 100 pages.

I have to say, I was a bit unsure after reading the description on Amazon; I thought I might get confused. However, once I started the story, I was intrigued and very interested. Also, no confusion.

This was a sci-fi, thriller type story. It had futuristic elements, which were very cool. I like how the authors explained just enough so the reader wouldn’t be lost, but they avoid info dumps.

Break_and_Enter“Bear” is a crew chief/ medic on an ambulance. He first meets Cyke, ex Special Ops soldier, when the part man, part machine is his patient. Cyke has all kinds of upgrades – a mechanical eye, special gloves, an operating system in his body that gives him access to all kind of cool info.

For some reason, Bear falls for the mysterious man – who happens to be nothing short of handsome (and lonely and a glutton for punishment!). I found myself immediately cheering for them to get together. Bear happens to be a geek and is the perfect match for Cyke.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I totally enjoyed the ending – even if the story did stop too soon for me. My only complaint with this read is that I wanted more. We never learn Bear’s real name (we learn Cyke’s later in the story), and we only get a glimpse of their world. I hope that there are more stories to come in this series. These are great characters, and the world the authors have created is very unique. Kudos!

4 out of 5 stars,  I want more!!