Heating up the Summer Giveaway

Tired of winter? How about a chance to win some steamy stories to warm you up?

Heating up the Summer Anthology Description:

Six steamy stories to make you sizzle.

Watch Over Me: Kaylie’s drop-dead sexy neighbor, Evan, that she’s been fantasizing about for months asks her out. But Heating_Up_The_Summer1things really heat up when she watches him across the way do a seductive strip tease in his apartment. Sometime voyeurism can be fun!

Latin Heat: Broken-hearted Simone Blackburn escapes to a beautiful Caribbean paradise to forget her cheating ex-husband and finds herself face-to-face with the one thing she hoped to avoid: an available, sexy, and handsome man.

Maggie’s Ménage: In the middle of a heat wave, Maggie, a conservative accountant, wears a skimpy dress, capturing the attention of Peter, a man she’s been interested in for years. Things go from hot to fiery when she, Peter, and his male friend find themselves in a stalled elevator.

Hottest Day of the Year: Three offbeat, fearless women–outsiders in their own parochial community of Kennington, Connecticut, come together as the unlikeliest band of friends whom, with each other’s support and trust, break free of the social and sexual mores that bind an oppressive world of fearful conservatism and small-town mentality.

Make me Burn: Brady’s a firefighter who’s been roped into strutting his stuff at a fund-raising dinner. He’s the last person Ivy expects to join her in the banquet hall’s secluded gardens when they’re on break. When flames ignite between the two of them, Ivy realizes there’s only one thing they can do that will extinguish the fire she’s feeling.

Anita’s Ménage: One woman, three men, and a whole lot of yum. Working out of town at a conference with her three, sexy male co-workers, Anita fantasizes about having them all-simultaneously! When the opportunity presents itself, she can’t resist. Continue reading “Heating up the Summer Giveaway”

Warm Holiday Greetings

I hope that this post finds you in the company of family and friends. From me and my characters to you, Merry Christmas! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read about my adventures, books, and all things Denise. I hope that the holidays find you well and you have a happy and blessed 2014. Continue reading “Warm Holiday Greetings”

Coming Soon! Xmas in July Blog Hop

Books to Go Now’s Christmas in July Blog Hop starts this Friday, the 19th and runs through the 22nd.

Make sure you check back over the weekend. BTGN is offering two great prizes. All you have to do is comment (and leave your email address) on my Blog Hop post when it is posted this weekend.

  • 1st Grand Prize: (1) $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd Grand Prize: (1) $25 Amazon Gift Card

I will also be offering my own giveaway through Rafflecopter. For US readers, I am giving away a $10 Amazon gift card and two copies of my story, Tumbling in Time.

I hope you check back soon!

Latin Heat is Released!

Latin_Heat_Test1My short summer read is now for sale on Amazon!

Latin Heat is 31 pages and an Erotic Romance, which was published by Books to Go Now.


After her divorce, Simone Blackburn treats herself to some rest and relaxation at an exclusive resort in the Caribbean. Her cheating ex-husband has ruined her for men; Simone is determined to spend her time away concentrating on the beauty of the tropical paradise. Not falling in love.

Roberto Vargas’ main focus is running La Isla Bonita Resort since his father handed over the business. When a red-headed vixen has trouble with her room key, Roberto finds his heart captured by the high-spirited beauty despite her sharp tongue.

Will Simone conqueror her distrust of the opposite sex and open her hardened heart to Roberto? Can Roberto show Simone how loving and caring a man can really be?

Amazon Kindle buy link: http://goo.gl/Ms1hs

Catch-up or Ketchup?

I don’t know where the time has gone of late, but my poor blog has been neglected! I figured I would take this Monday morning post to catch everyone up on what’s new (and just maybe) exciting with me! The “ketchup” part of my blog title is in reference to the upcoming 4th holiday. Plus, it just seemed to fit! Hee hee!

On the Writing Front:

  • I got edits back from Books to Go Now on my erotica story, Latin Heat. Yay!  I hope to get them back to BTGN in the next day or two. Hopefully, I will have cover art to share in the near future.
  • Avery’s just finished editing her submission for Torquere Press’s Charity Sip. The charity this year is OutServe. Such a great cause! She’s titled it Drama on Skyline Drive. Hopefully you will get to read about Mason and Jax in another park adventure!
  • Speaking of Jax and Mason, Jax was featured on Torquere’s blog, Romance for the Rest of Us. He took part in an interview recently. You can check out the post here.

On the Reading Front:

  • Last night I finished A Sinner Born by Avril Ashton. I have to say that I was so tired trying to get through the end that I’m going to go back and re-read, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.
  • Maybe two days ago, I finished Blood and Sand by Elizabeth Hunter. I need to write the review, but this one is getting 5 stars! Whoo hoo!!

Anything else…

  • No hiking or cycling since I’m still prohibited from exercising.
  • I’m hoping to get to the movies over the holiday weekend. Maybe I’ll have something to report next week *wink*
  • I haven’t been sketching, which makes me sad. The weather hasn’t been good for being outside, but I’m getting the itch to work on some flower pics. Plus, I picked up blank watercolor cards at the store. I’m hoping to experiment with them soon. I figure I will need the practice if I want to make my own Christmas cards this year!
  • I am back to knitting. I started an easy shawl pattern. Sadly, there’s no lace in it, but maybe once I finish this one (successfully), I can attempt one with some lace. I did have a close call with it yesterday: I dropped a yarn over stitch. Thanks to mom for coming to the rescue!

Okay, enough ramblings…it’s time to edit!

Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop

The official kick-off is Wednesday, May 22nd. The hop runs through May 29th.

Also, Books To Go Now is offering two grand prizes, one of which is a Kindle Fire. Whoo hoo!! In order to be eligible, you have to comment on this post about your hottest summer night. Please leave your name and email address to be entered.

My hottest summer night is an excerpt from my upcoming Books To Go Now read, Latin Heat. Hope you enjoy it, and most of all, I hope it gets you in the summer spirit!

To give you some context, here is a short, short pitch:

Broken-hearted Simone Blackburn escapes to a beautiful Caribbean paradise to forget her cheating ex-husband and finds herself face-to-face with the one thing she hoped to avoid: an available, sexy, and handsome man.


“Señora Blackburn, I was concerned. You missed dinner and hadn’t called for room service.” Roberto’s brows furrowed but then smoothed when his eyes flitted over her body, apparently taking in the state of her undress.

Simone realized she still wore the short robe that barely covered her thighs. Girl, what were you thinking? Answering the door in this robe? She felt a blush creeping into her cheeks. Damn fair skin showed all of her emotions as brightly as a neon sign! “I ended up falling asleep.” She continued sheepishly, “I guess the travel got the better of me.” However, she was sure it had more to do with the long, hot massaging shower. She imagined what it would have been like to share the shower with someone. A muscular, confident man like the one standing before her. Simone felt her blush deepen.

Roberto nodded and gestured toward the inside of her suite. “May I?”

“Of course.” Simone answered automatically and stepped back to allow him to enter. Why had she let him in? She wasn’t dressed for company, and his presence made her much too aware of her nakedness beneath the skimpy robe. He stepped inside, and she noticed he carried a covered plate and a bottle of wine. Huh . . . is that for me?

“I thought you might be hungry so I brought you some food.” He sat the plate on the small table and uncovered the dish. The scents that wafted toward her nose were incredible.

Her stomach decided to rumble its appreciation. “Sorry about that.” Simone walked to the table to investigate. Scallops and shrimp were served over a bed of rice. Simone plucked a large shrimp from the plate and moaned at the rich, tender taste. She eyed the remainder of the food ravenously.

Roberto stopped uncorking the bottle of wine to meet her eyes. She noted his eyes went straight to her lips. His voice was deeper, huskier when he said, “I’m glad you’re enjoying your meal.” He pulled out the chair. “Please sit. There is no need to stand and eat.”

Simone laid the shrimp tail on the side of the plate, but refused to sit as she met the man’s smoldering eyes. “Are you this attentive to all your guests?”

A small smile crossed his lips. “Only to those deserving of it. La Isla Bonita prides itself on its exceptional customer service. I simply want to make up for the inconvenience you experienced before.”

“I see.” Simone wasn’t entirely convinced, especially the way his eyes seemed to gently caress her with every look, but her stomach interrupted her thoughts demanding more food. She tightened the belt on her robe, took a seat, and picked up the knife and fork he had laid out. “Thank you for doing this.” She paused, knowing the right thing to do was to offer him to join her, but she wasn’t sure that was a good idea.

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Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop

…is almost ready to start! The official kick-off is May 22nd. The hop runs through May 29th.

Check back as I will be posting a link for a Rafflecopter giveaway (sorry, it will be for US folks only).

Also, Books To Go Now is offering two grand prizes, one of which is a Kindle Fire. Whoo hoo!! In order to be eligible, you have to comment on this post (once the hop begins) about your hottest summer night. Please leave your name and email address to be entered.

Check back to see the updates on the Blog Hop!

Oh, and I will be sharing an excerpt from my latest erotic romance, Latin Heat. Whoo hoo!