Rail Trail Biking

Hancock_sign1_webYesterday, Nicole and I met to ride on the Western Maryland Rail Trail. The weather was overcast and cool, but that didn’t put a damper on our spirits. We got an early start and agreed that apple pie would be our reward at the end of the ride (coffee, too!).

We were having a blast. Once we got to the turnaround we stopped for a snack break. We were soon joined by another cyclist. He was…um…unique. *cough* Not sure why he greeted the pasty Cannondale chics in Spanish, but… It was really hard to miss the custom paint job with the words “Dr. Big Dog” scripted along the down tube of his bike. Ah, alrighty then. Nicole and I did some major interval training on the return trip.

Once we had the bikes loaded, we walked to the bakery to get our pie. Not sure if apple_pie1_webthis is a good thing or not, but the waitress remembered us from last week. Maybe that’s why our pie slices were bigger? Hmm…. And we were bad, sharing a chuckle at the woman seated behind us who kept her bike helmet on while eating. *snicker* Sorry!

Stats on the ride:  23 miles in 1:42. Not bad considering we are both on the recovery train!

Found a new magazine

One of my coworkers got me back on the bike (the pedal kind!) again. I moaned, groaned, and complained about it at the time, but I am backed to being hooked! Cycling doesn’t bother my knee like running did – thank goodness – but now I’m looking at new frames, wheels, etc. and oh don’t they cost a lot of money!!

This past Monday we biked 22 miles on a rail trail (it needed to be flat since I was having gear issues in my cog). I had a blast! The weather was beautiful in addition to the company. It felt so good to get off the bike after we were finished – I felt like I got a good workout – it was very refreshing!! Quite an accomplishment since it has been awhile that I have ridden that kind of distance.

After the ride, we dropped my aging Cannondale off at the bike shop for an overhaul (much-needed, mind you). We also hit Starbucks for a much deserved Mocha Coconut Frap! YUM!!

She also mentioned a new biking magazine she recently stumbled upon. It is titled Paved. I picked up the most recent issue yesterday, and I love it! The photography alone is ah-may-zing!! I am so stoked for our ride this Friday (well, and our trip to the bike shop tomorrow after work – you should see the list!).

Paved magazine can be found at http://www.pavedmag.com/# I recommend you check it out!