Fall is Here!

And it is without a doubt that I can exclaim that! I spent yesterday and today in western Maryland at Rocky Gap State Park. We were under a frost warning for last night. I think temps were in the mid 30s today when I got out of bed. By the time we were hiking, they had only reached 40. I was very happy I threw in my fleece hat, especially since I am getting over being sick. Unfortunately, my sinuses got the best of me this fall. Ick.

The weather yesterday was miserable – as in lots of rain. No biking on the way there (or even around the park). No hiking or exploring the grounds either. We did enjoy football with a beer in the lounge. They had Fat Tire beer – my favorite on tap! Whoo hoo! I lost fantasy football, but it was fun nonetheless. After a late dinner we retired to the hot tub. It felt good to sink down into those toasty bubbles. Made my back feel better.

Today we managed to hike before the rain started. I was taking lots of photos only to realize that my Canon EOS-30D was malfunctioning. I am not happy. I’m still not sure what the problem is – something to do with the auto focus. Thankfully, I had my Canon PowerShot as a back-up. It performed perfectly! I suppose a trip to my local camera shop is in store for me. I’ve tried to take excellent care of my digital SLR. Apparently, it hasn’t been quite good enough. Doah!

Laundry calls. Oh what fun! Happy Fall (and enjoy the photo of the maple leaf)!