Top Ten Tuesday Book List

March 31: Ten Books You Recently Added To Your To-Be-Read List

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My books, starting with the most recent (and thanks to Goodreads for helping me keep track!):

1. Winter Kill by Josh LanyonWinter_Kill

2. Chimera by David Wellington

3. Bound by Flames by Jeaniene Frost

4. Falling into Love by S.C. Wynne

5. Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk

6. Sinjin by J.P. Mallory

7. Blood Assassin by Alexandra Ivy

8. Hemovore by Jordan Castillo Price

9. Spirit Sanguine by Lou Harper

10. Dark Craving by Donna Grant

And, I have to confess that Bittersweet Magic and Bittersweet Darkness have skipped to the top of my list. I’m sure you know how it is when you read the first book in a series and then have to read the next and the next and so on…well, that’s where I’m at now!

Must Read PNR Series

I haven’t been writing much of late, but I have been reading. My Kindle has been seeing lots of action!! I’m hooked on Nina Croft’s TBittersweet_Bloodhe Order Series. If you haven’t read any of the three books in this series, you must!

Let me introduce you to them. I’ve read the first two and have just started the third. I confess, I’m going to be sad when it’s over. I wish there were more in the series. The characters are great as is the plot. The author doesn’t overdo things–she includes vampires, fae, and werewolves. Well, and humans, too.

The first book is Bittersweet Blood. This is Tara and Christian Roth’s story. Let me tell you, ladies, Christian is hot and oh so very yummy.

Here’s the description:

Tara Collins just wants to be normal. Everyone else wants her dead.

Tara’s eccentric aunt raised her to be fearful of the world and follow the rules. But after her aunt’s death, Tara is ready to take control and experience life for the first time. But she quickly discovers that everything she’s been told is a web of lies. Determined to solve the mystery of who she is truly, she hires private investigator to help her uncover the truth.

Christian Roth is more than your average PI. A vampire and ex-demon hunter, Christian lives among the humans, trying to be “normal.” But recently, things seem to be falling apart. There’s a crazed demon hell-bent on revenge hunting him down, and a fae assassin on the loose with an unknown target. And the Order he abandoned desperately needs his help.

As the secrets of Tara’s past collide with the problems in Christian’s present, she finds herself fighting her attraction to the dark and mysterious investigator. Falling in love does not fit into her plans at all, but Tara soon learns that some rules are meant to be broken. Continue reading “Must Read PNR Series”