Tease Me Thursday #24

Welcome to another week of Tease Me Thursday! The rules are simple (in case you aren’t familiar). Show us your 7 – 7 words, 7 sentences, or seven paragraphs. Tease us all the way into the weekend! Everybody ready? *wink*



Avery had grand plans to share a scene from one of her WIPs. That, however, isn’t going to happen – sorry! Too many obligations and not enough time. Don’t you hate when real life cuts into writing??

So, this will be a M-F teaser from Denise’s story, Latin Heat.

Here is a brief description of the story to give you some background. The teaser (found below) is a bit of a spoiler so fair warning *sly grin*

Broken-hearted Simone Blackburn escapes to a beautiful Caribbean paradise to forget her cheating ex-husband and finds herself face-to-face with the one thing she hoped to avoid: an available, sexy, and handsome man.

The teaser begins after Simone and Roberto have just shared a romantic dinner at Roberto’s home. He has a surprise planned for her – a special fireworks show. Well, this teaser should get you steamy and leave you wanting more! Continue reading “Tease Me Thursday #24”

All Kinds of Writing

As I pondered this post, I found myself distracted by the prospect of updating my resume. I am fortunate that retirement (from my current position) is less than five years away. While that excites me – oh the opportunities for the next chapter in my life! – I am also frustrated at formatting and organizing on a single (maybe 2) sheet of paper the last fifteen or so years of my work life.

I feel especially challenged as I think about what my next job might entail. Specifically, here’s the challenge: I know what I would like to do (yay, right?), but I will have a gap of five years in my skill set. How do I market myself based on what I learned and did five years ago? Technology has changed by leaps and bounds as I’m sure have the policies and procedures governing my area of interest (sorry for the convoluted sentence!!).

Since this train of thought is making me tired – and giving me a headache – I’m going to think about the creative writing front. That is much more fun!

This weekend I outlined two new stories – that’s correct – the writing bug has bitten me!

The first will be another story along the lines of Latin Heat. Woot, woot!! More smexiness happening in the Dominican Republic. This story, though, will have a bit of suspense. I’m excited about trying to pull it off.

The second story will be a sweet (contemporary) Christmas romance. The setting for this story will start in sunny Florida and then move to snowy Vermont. I can’t wait to get my characters together – there are sure to be some sparks…well, once they get over their pasts. Are you intrigued??

For these two stories, I’ve outlined and plotted more than normal. I’m also going to write my “back of the book” blurbs in advance. I I typically struggle with these so I’m going to get them out of the way in the beginning. Plus, I’m hoping that they might help to guide my story.

I’m going to share some sites that might help you out if you are like me and struggle with writing the blurb:

Ok, now you have some samples and lots of advice sooo…get to it!! I’m going to be working on the blurb for my Christmas story!


A snowy scene to help get me in the mood for writing about Christmas in June!!

Heating up the Summer Winners

BTGN EroticaThanks to all those who promoted and entered my Heating up the Summer giveaway!

Can I get a virtual drumroll, please?? It is time to announce the winners…

The winners of the signed paperback copy of Heating Up the Summer are

  • Mary Preston
  • Kathy Power
  • Sue Lyndon

Michelle Willms wins an e-copy of Latin Heat.

Thanks again to all those who participated!

Heating up the Summer Giveaway

Tired of winter? How about a chance to win some steamy stories to warm you up?

Heating up the Summer Anthology Description:

Six steamy stories to make you sizzle.

Watch Over Me: Kaylie’s drop-dead sexy neighbor, Evan, that she’s been fantasizing about for months asks her out. But Heating_Up_The_Summer1things really heat up when she watches him across the way do a seductive strip tease in his apartment. Sometime voyeurism can be fun!

Latin Heat: Broken-hearted Simone Blackburn escapes to a beautiful Caribbean paradise to forget her cheating ex-husband and finds herself face-to-face with the one thing she hoped to avoid: an available, sexy, and handsome man.

Maggie’s Ménage: In the middle of a heat wave, Maggie, a conservative accountant, wears a skimpy dress, capturing the attention of Peter, a man she’s been interested in for years. Things go from hot to fiery when she, Peter, and his male friend find themselves in a stalled elevator.

Hottest Day of the Year: Three offbeat, fearless women–outsiders in their own parochial community of Kennington, Connecticut, come together as the unlikeliest band of friends whom, with each other’s support and trust, break free of the social and sexual mores that bind an oppressive world of fearful conservatism and small-town mentality.

Make me Burn: Brady’s a firefighter who’s been roped into strutting his stuff at a fund-raising dinner. He’s the last person Ivy expects to join her in the banquet hall’s secluded gardens when they’re on break. When flames ignite between the two of them, Ivy realizes there’s only one thing they can do that will extinguish the fire she’s feeling.

Anita’s Ménage: One woman, three men, and a whole lot of yum. Working out of town at a conference with her three, sexy male co-workers, Anita fantasizes about having them all-simultaneously! When the opportunity presents itself, she can’t resist. Continue reading “Heating up the Summer Giveaway”

Warm Holiday Greetings

I hope that this post finds you in the company of family and friends. From me and my characters to you, Merry Christmas! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read about my adventures, books, and all things Denise. I hope that the holidays find you well and you have a happy and blessed 2014. Continue reading “Warm Holiday Greetings”

The Wrap: Vol. 2

It so good to back on the blog! I’ve missed it this week!

Day_lilies_webPhoto of the Week: (left) More flowers. This photo of day lilies was taken by a friend. I used it as inspiration for a sketch. Just loved the colors!

Word to Describe the Past Week: Sore!! I’ve tried to start exercising again (as in more than walking), and my body doth protest! I’ve not be held back by motivation but by aching muscles as in “Oh, I had muscles there?? Really??”

Books: I started reading Stephani Hecht’s Lost Shifter series. It’s an m-m series that focuses on feline shifters. Pretty interesting! The first one is Primal Passions; the second is A Feral Christmas. I awarded both 3.5 stars.

Writing: Edits are finished on Avery’s m-m story, Drama on Skyline Drive. Yay! It will be part of Torquere Press’s Charity Sip, to be released in mid-September. Unfortunately, the words weren’t flowing yesterday so I only added just under 2K to Manny and Chad’s story. It is so very close to being done!! Grr!!

“Pie” Theme: After my friend Nicole and I finished our bike ride, we treated ourselves to Apple Pie a la mode. The town where we rode didn’t have a coffee shop (our normal haunt for post-ride sustenance) so we settled on a small restaurant and pie!

TV/ Movies: Still addicted to Teen Wolf. Yeah, it’s bad. I finished the second season and am now re-watching the first season. Have to say that Derek Hale, who is played by Tyler Hoechlin, is so very drool-worthy. Here’s a link for some pics of Tyler. Heating_Up_The_Summer1

Pimp of the Week: Gotta do it… Heating up the Summer (the anthology that includes Latin Heat) is available in paperback. Whoo hoo! I’ve ordered several copies and want to plan some giveaways. http://goo.gl/QkIHDY

Looking for a Steamy Anthology?

If the answer to that question is yes, then you need to check out Heating up the Heating_Up_The_Summer1Summer.

It is an anthology of stories published by Books to Go Now and available for Amazon Kindle (buy link is below). The following authors contributed to it: Jennifer Conner, Denise L. Wyant, Vee Michaels, and Ella Byron.

I’m fortunate as Latin Heat is one of the stories included. Yay! Here are the blurbs for the included stories: Continue reading “Looking for a Steamy Anthology?”