Sickness – be gone with you!

So, it’s the middle of summer…what is with the intestinal/stomach virus crud that is making the rounds??  I’m tired of it already!  I don’t like my schedule being impacted in this way.  Geez, I had to miss my zumba class last night.  Horror!  (Seriously, it’s fun and  a great workout).

Given I have so little energy or motivation, I have been reading.  Thank you Sydney Croft for the Storm series – I love it.  Feel free to write a couple (or several) more books.  I enjoyed Wyatt’s story immensely – almost as much as Remy’s.  Plus, you had to keep us in suspense – who is Dev’s new love going to be??  Although he will never replace Oz, he deserves someone in his life romantically.  Oh, and a big “thank you” for Ani and Creed.  I don’t want to spoil anything for those they may not know *wink*

Let’s see… what else have I read… oh, I am finally up to starting Jonas’ book – the last in the Feline Breed series by Lora Leigh.  I’m kind of worried – some of the reviews on weren’t very good.  I’ve been looking forward to the lucky girl who will turn Jonas’s world upside down.  Plus, I want to read about him going through the mating heat.  He seems to be able to dish it out, but can he take it??

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I am totally hooked on Twitter.  I’m so psyched that the Black Dagger Brothers and their shellans have joined Twitter and Facebook.  Beware – some of the postings are rather hawt and definitely for those 18 and older.  Check out some of Saxton and Blay’s posts – wow!  This may actually make surviving a bit easier until J. R. Ward’s next installment comes out.  Last I heard was spring for Payne and Manny’s story.  Evidently, the book following Covet (Crave, maybe?) comes out in October.  BTW, is anyone familiar with J. R. Ward writing under another name?  Yes, I know there is a 1o cent word for that, but I have no idea how to spell it.  I thought I saw something the last time I was at Border’s, but since I didn’t make a note of it, the title/author has slipped through one of the holes in my memory.

Well, I hate to cut this short, but I’ve had some good dreams lately that are serving as inspiration for my fledgling novel.  Got to get those ideas on paper (or computer) before they are gone.  Unlike my virus, I’m sure they will be gone much more quickly if I don’t make note of them!

Where has the week gone?

It is Thursday night – already!  The week has flown by!  Bring on the 3-day holiday weekend.  Although, given the traffic on I 70 this afternoon, I’d say the weekend has already started for some.  Wish I was one of those lucky ones! 

So, I’ve been a slacker with my posts.  I spent last night practicing the piano and editing chapter two of my book.  Have you ever had the experience where you can describe a word but can’t come up with it?  That was my torture last night.  This morning I was relieved of my suffering when I realized the word of my quest was “taxonomy.”  I’ll let you try to guess how it came into play in my book 🙂

The current read is Harmony’s Way by Lora Leigh.  I don’t have the next book so I see an order upcoming.  I will have to pick out a new series to start until the order arrives.  So many paranormal romances to read, so little time!!

Back to Harmony’s Way.  Lance is turning out to be one hot sheriff.  At least he has Megan’s experiences to drawn upon when dealing with his mate, Harmony or aka Death.  I’m happy Braden’s already made an appearance.  And, of course, Jonas is once again being the pseudo-villan.  Personally, I think he needs a mate and then he will calm  down.  Maybe that will be addressed in one of the other books in the series.  We can only hope, right?!!

The end of an already too-short weekend

I’m sitting on my bed typing; Willow is already curled up and fast asleep.  I guess patrolling the balcony takes a lot out of a cat!

Just a couple of quick updates for me and then, I, too, hope to be curled up and fast asleep.  And, hopefully, not dreaming of work!

– Beautiful church service today.  I love the red of Pentecost.  Pastor’s message was perfect for the two confirmands.  Add in the beautiful music… the whole thing brought tears to my eyes.  I’m sure God was smiling down on us today.

– Did some quick shopping afterwards.  Despite my running, my body continues to grow – not up, but out.  Hence, the need for new shorts.  Why is it that our metabolism has to slow as we age?  Can’t we trump the laws of nature and maybe even physics and have the reverse be true??  Ok, I am getting sidetracked!

– Then, home for a much-needed nap as a thunderstorm boomed softly in the background.  Oh, how I love spring!

– Finally, practicing the piano and getting ready for the day tomorrow. 

– I know the anticipation is killing each and every one of you… what is the new read??  Anybody want to make a SWAG??

Drum roll, please…. Lora Leigh’s Megan’s Mark.  So far, hot and steamy.  I really like the idea of Feline Breeds.  Nice change from the vamps and the wolves.  Her explicit style definitely differs from some of the others whom I’ve read of late, but it certainly doesn’t detract from the story.  Braden sounds like quite a handful and then some! 😉  Beware, ladies.  Mmmm… yum!  I’ll refrain from any further comment for now.  There might be some who wouldn’t appreciate the effect her descriptions can have on a person.  ‘Nuff said.