Author Extra: Mountain Memories

mountainmemories3_webAs part of my release day with Torquere, I wrote a blurb about how Mountain Memories came to life – where I got some of my ideas. I wanted to share it with you as it gives insight into me and my characters. Hope you enjoy it!


This story is near and dear to my heart. During a couple of my summers in college, I spent time working in Rocky Mountain National Park while living in the town of Estes Park, Colorado. The Fern Lake trail was one of my favorite hikes. Given the beauty at the end of the hike – the lake, mountains and pine trees – I daydreamed about being the damsel in distress, who is rescued by a sexy ranger staffing the nearby cabin. Although, I must confess, the cabin in this story is a bit upgraded from the one found in the park! Wild animals were always a concern when hiking, and on my last trip to the park, there were several notices about mountain lion attacks. With all this information, I felt the beginnings of a story, fighting to get out of my head.

When I pictured Jax’s character, I wanted someone more artsy than outdoorsy, someone with a big heart. Given my love for playing the piano, I decided to make Jax a pianist and composer. Sadly, Jax is a better musician than I am, and I wish I could have his confidence when playing in front of a crowd!

Mason’s character came together easily as well. I’ve always had a thing for Dominic Purcell after watching Prison Break. I wanted Mason’s character to be like Dominic’s – tough, strong, and savvy. I also envisioned Mason as fiercely independent and putting his job at the forefront. At least until he meets Jax.

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I survived the Dentist!

Whoo hoo!  It is official.  I survived my visit to the dentist, and I even managed to eat dinner that was not soup when I was finished.  I think that is a first for me!

Given my screwed up schedule for today, I didn’t get to workout or run – darn it!  It’s no wonder that I am growing out instead of up if I can’t make the time to burn off some calories.

Alyssa provided me with very good news tonight.  I will soon have Season 2 DVDs of Prison Break in my grubby little paws.  I am sooo excited to see my Dominic again!  I was beginning to suffer withdrawal.  Definitely not a good thing.

Also, Alyssa, my BFF extraordinaire, has made me promise that she will have the first signed copy of my book.  I readily agreed.  If I ever get the darn thing finished, she will most likely be the one printing it for me – LOL!  But, given that she is my creativity and does-that-make-sense editor, I will be giving her credit at the start of the book in addition to as many copies as she desires!

So, my as yet untitled paranormal romance novel has the prologue completed, and both chapters 1 and 2 started.  I know, I shouldn’t be skipping ahead, but I wanted to get to some action and take  a break from merely setting the scene.  I am very excited to see how this sequence turns out.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!