Sexy Sample Sunday

Carson isn’t sure which is worse: his callous aunt or the zombies. He’s just glad he has Tyler to help him face both.


Since I’m promoting Fall Break Fright like crazy this weekend, I thought I’d share a sexy sample from the story. I hope you enjoy this teaser from my college boys, Carson and Tyler.

If it helps, picture Carson as Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler as Matt Damon (both when they were in their early 20s). *wink* Continue reading “Sexy Sample Sunday”

Spring Break Run Sample

Avery’s latest short story is titled Spring Break Run. It is an m-m romance/ adventure complete with undead characters wreaking havoc on aZombie_shutterstock_115919677 small Kansas town. It has been a lot of fun to write. So far, the draft is two-thirds done. I have lots of editing ahead and have to write the ending scene. Overall, though, the meat of the story is shaping up nicely.

To give just a bit of background, Tyler and Carson are roommates at college in Colorado. This is the first semester they’ve roomed together, and romance has blossomed between the two. Given Carson’s awful family issues, he goes home with Tyler for spring break. Tyler’s parents own a large farm in nowhere Kansas. Well, the boys barely make it into town before they are confronted by the undead.

I hope you enjoy this sample from Avery’s latest work in progress!


“Uh, Tyler,” Carson squeaked. He pointed out the windshield at a blurry shape on the far side of the parking lot.

“Holy shit! What on earth? Is that . . . ” Tyler’s mouth dropped open in disbelief.

“What?! What were you going to say?” Carson nearly shrieked. Then he squinted, trying to make out exactly what was slowly heading their way. “What’s wrong with him? Looks like he’s walking with a broken leg, but there’s no cast.”

A bit later in the story…

“Oh, hell no. I’m nobody’s dinner.” Carson replied as Tyler jerked him to a stop next to an abandoned farm truck.

“Hang on. There’s all kinds of tools in the bed. Might be able to use them as weapons.”

“Um, okay. Although I can’t say I’ve ever done manual labor let alone tried to kill anything.” Carson shrugged, uncertainty lacing his voice. “I don’t know how much help I’ll be.”

“Babe, just grab something. I read about zombies on the internet once. The site said you have to bash their brains in to get them to die. Just aim for the head and swing and then swing some more.”

Writing Day

Well, I had an atypical writing day today. Once I got to the coffee shop, I couldn’t decide which story to work on – basically, none of them were calling to me. Instead of wasting the time, I pulled up a writing prompt on my phone and decided to craft an alphabet story.

Here are the clues it gave me:

  • Place: Aboard a Rollercoaster
  • Character: A street performer
  • Object: A bottle of water
  • Smell: Autumn Leaves

As you may know, these are one of my favorite types of stories – fun and easy to finish. I hope you enjoy this one…

Drop of Death

Kicking and screaming, I dragged my niece on the Drop of Death rollercoaster.

Little did she know, my hands shook from fear, not excitement.

Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea, I thought as I wedged my water bottle between my body and the arm of the seat.

Nearly all the cars were filled; in front of us the two street performers shouted with glee.

Onward, upward we crept until we slowed at the very tippy top.

Plunging down the first drop, I heard her screams above my own.

Quietly murmuring a prayer, I reached for her hand and gave her a reassuring squeeze.

Relief poured from my body as we survived the first drop and began another, shorter climb.

Soon my stomach reached my throat; I was mistaken – this drop was just as bad as the first one.

Throwing their hands in the air, the street performs squealed with delight as we began our descent.

Uneasy and gripping the lap bar for dear life, I shot a glance at my niece.

Very jerkily she met my gaze, excitement dancing in her bright blue eyes.

We twisted and careened around several sharp turns on a level with the tree tops.

X-rays would be required when we finished; my neck would never be the same.

Youngsters, I grinned, they feel no pain and overcome their fears quickly.

Zipping around another curve, I caught sight of the flume and a floating log filled with soaked children.

At last we righted ourselves and started up the final climb of the ride.

Butterflies no longer occupied my stomach.

Confidence brimmed in me – we were almost done, and I was unscathed.

Delighting in the last little rollers, I threw my hands in the air and cheered right along with the fearless wonder next to me.

Even as my breath whooshed from my lungs, I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a late September Saturday.

For us the ride was just about over as we crawled into the station.

Getting out of the car, my legs shook with leftover adrenaline.

How old did I feel when my niece bounded on the platform and demanded we go again?

Inhaling deeply, I picked up the scent of fall leaves over the grease of the car.

Jubilant, my niece’s enthusiasm was contagious, and I guided her back to the start of the ride.

Biting Cold

Instead of me writing a start to a story for my Sample Sunday post, I’m taking a different path today. I’m going to share some of my favorite lines from a recent read.

Not too long ago, I finished Biting Cold, book six in the Chicagoland Vampires series, by Chloe Neill. Merit and Ethan fans, please don’t kill me after you read my next sentence. While I enjoyed Biting Cold, it wasn’t everything I hoped for and more. I’ve been trying to figure out why I feel this way but haven’t come up with a reason yet.

I liked the beginning – it was fast-paced and action-filled. Most of my favorite lines are found in this part of the book. The second portion of the book – meh. Instead of Merit and Ethan celebrating his coming back from being dead, there was worry and distance. A happy reunion was nowhere to be found…until much later. The last part of the book rocked!!

The story telling in the book was amazing – with the two Seth Tates and the explanation behind fallen angels. I really like how Merit and Paige (and yes, Cadogan’s librarian) research and find answers. To me everything made sense, there were no surprises that she pulled out of thin air, and Seth/ Dominic was dealt with in the end – no, I’m not sharing the particulars of what happened!

I’m going to work backwards (sort of) on my favorite lines. Only one came from the latter part of the book. This one is from Malik to Merit (see pages 309-10):

“Not pressure to win,” he said. “Pressure to try. Pressure to push through pain and fear and to do the thing even if you don’t want to do it. He did not trust you with this task because you guarantee him a victory; he trusts you with this task because he believes you will give everything you have to the effort. It is the heart, Merit, not the sword, that rules the day. Remember that, and good luck.”

Wow! What a quote (not that I doubted Malik had that kind of wisdom)! Ethan and Merit shared some amusing conversations at the beginning of the book. I’m looking for the best one to share. Ok, this one is an example of why I liked the beginning so much (see pages 2-3). They are in Ethan’s Mercedes on the way to Nebraska:

Ethan chuckled. “And are you aware you keep looking over here like you’re nervous I’m going to disappear?”

“It’s because your devastatingly handsome.”

He grinned slyly. “I wasn’t questioning your good taste.”

Hee hee. Oh, no, Ethan doesn’t think too highly of himself or anything!! Ok, one more… At the beginning of Chapter 4 (pp. 40-41). Ethan has been sure to remind Merit several times over that he took a stake for her. I’ll pick up with Ethan talking:

“Really, the stake was only worth it for the points it got me. For saving your life twice,” he added, in case I hadn’t remembered that he’d made me a vampire and jumped in front of a stake to save me. As if either was something I could easily forget.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m giving you one week to use the stake against me, and then you’re done.”

He smiled smugly. “It won’t take me one week, Sentinel.”

I didn’t bother to ask what he was trying to accomplish.

“But for now there’s business at hand, and I prefer to have you undistracted when the time comes.”

His eyes flashed silver before falling back to emerald green again. A bolt of desire shot through my body, raising goose bumps on my arms and magic in the air.

Despite my hesitations with this book, the series is amazing, and I highly recommend it.

4 out of 5 stars

#Sample Monday

In honor of Labor Day, I held my #Sample Sunday post for today (*cough*, maybe it is because I just didn’t get to it yesterday).

From the Context Workshop The Devil is in the Details by Lawrence C. Connolly
Based on a picture, we had approximately five minutes to write 100-200 words
This is the second draft of the initial brainstorm:

More than a Faux Pas

Jenny shuffled into the room at a snail’s pace. She felt
their eyes boring into her before she even crossed the threshold of the
cluttered, dilapidated living room.

Despite last night’s disastrous incident, she knew she could
count on a lukewarm yet amicable greeting from Liza, the head honcho.

“Hey girl, what’s up?” Liza’s tone was flat as she paused in
smoking her joint.

Brad and Nate, who were sitting opposite of Liza, turned
their contemptuous gazes on her. Neither exuded anything close to warm and fuzzy. Brad’s eyes narrowed, his lips pursed. He crossed his arms over his chest. Jenny decided Nate was the least threatening of the two.

She cleared her throat, “So, Nate . . .” She focused on the
errant lock of hair in the center of his forehead; she wasn’t brave enough to
meet his hazel eyes.

“How did you manage to screw it up?” Nate seethed
before gulping the last of his Milwaukee’s Best. He didn’t spare her another
glance as he settled back in the worn chair.

End of Sample

I hope that you enjoyed it! Where do you think the story heads next? What did Jenny screw up? Any guesses…

Another sinus infection…

Am I sounding like a broken record because I feel like one? Anyone want to trade sinuses with me? I know silly question, but I had to ask.

The week is flying by with too much work and not nearly enough play. I hope that the weather is nice this weekend. I’d love to get out for a hike or a bike ride. It will soon be my favorite time of year – yay! How long until autumn is upon us?

I’m sorry for a rambling post, but my brain is tired. I am still working on my new blog ideas. I think Sample Sunday will be the first Sunday of every month. Still not sure about Friday Recommends – maybe every other Friday? Plus, I’d like to do some great opening sentences. I think it helps writers to be inspired and draw the reader in right from the start!