Writing Process Blog Tour

Today I’m participating in the Writing Process Blog Tour. This tour is where writers/authors answer a couple of basic questions about their writing process. My fellow author Sue Lyndon posted his last week. *waves* Thanks, Sue, for inviting me to participate. You can check out her process here.

So let’s get started with these questions…

1. What I am working on?

I just finished the draft of an m-m short story, complete with zombies. I was looking for something fun and easy. I am fortunate that the story came together quickly. I also have a longer m-m romance story in-progress. It is set in the future on the planet Xerxia. This is the first time I’ve tried to incorporate some science fiction into a story so it’s quite a challenge!

2. How does it differ from other works of its genre?

While my work has drama and conflict, it isn’t loaded with angst. Personally, I read to escape and am easily frustrated when the characters do stupid things to create tension and prolong the plot. I prefer writing stories that leave the reader happy and satisfied and not pulling his/her hair out with the characters’ actions. My stories also tend to be shorter – I like the novella length; I doubt I will ever write a full length novel.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Ooh, so do I get on my soapbox or not?? I’ll do my best to stay off of it! I prefer writing m-m romance. I’ve grown as a person, supporting and advocating for my LGBT friends (and the other LGBT folks out there). One of the ways I feel I can do this is writing works that show them in loving, caring relationships. The first m-m book I ever read was Fair Game by Josh Lanyon. I’ve been hooked ever since.

4. How does my writing process work?

I find my strength is story ideas and getting them started (my characters can be very demanding!). I struggle when it comes to finishing them. To help combat this problem, I do a general outline of where I see the plot going. From there I start writing. One lesson I’ve learned is to keep writing – don’t get hung up on names or places. I now insert a placeholder and keep moving. I’ve also found that I do better not editing while I’m writing. It tends to get me sidetracked and slows down the story.

As far as location and what I need to write: my preference (and where I’m most productive) is a coffee shop with a sugar free latte next to my laptop. I find that I get too distracted at home and can’t focus. Being at the coffee shop forces me to concentrate. I make sure to stay off the internet so I don’t get sucked into surfing. On one of my most productive days, I wrote 5K words in a couple of hours.

Next Monday my writing friends Dawn and Lesley will be sharing their writing process. Be sure to visit their blogs to check out their posts.

The Wrap: Vol 1

This post is a test of my new idea. Now that my schedule is changing (insert grumbling here), I know I won’t be able to blog as much as I have been. I’m going to try – try being the key word – to post The Wrap on Saturday. It will give an overview of the past week, a kind of summary all things Denise.

Feel free to give me comments/ feedback 🙂 Continue reading “The Wrap: Vol 1”

Breaking His Rules

Breaking His Rules 300 res_edited-1Breaking His Rules, by Sue Lyndon is **free** on Amazon July 19 (today) through the 22nd.

Sue explains how the story came to be:

I keep my Kindle password protected. Only my husband knows the password. I don’t want anyone snooping around on it if I were to accidently leave it somewhere. I mean, some people don’t even know erotic romance books exist. Seriously. I’ve talked to people who didn’t know erotic romance was a genre. And I’m pretty sure if my mother was visiting and she flipped through the books on my Kindle, she’d have a heart attack. If the racy book covers didn’t do it, the book titles certainly would.

With this idea in mind, I wrote Breaking His Rules. My poor heroine, Amanda, leaves her un-password protected e-reader in the break room at her work. Her sexy boss, Ivan, finds it, and he’s intrigued by the reading material his favorite employee prefers.

Breaking His Rules Blurb:

Amanda has always ignored the attraction she feels for her strict boss, Mr. Mizenov. He’s a bit mysterious and holds everyone at a distance, and she doubts she has a shot in the dark with him anyway. He begins to treat her differently though after she forgets her e-reader at work one evening, and she suspects it’s because he’s spied the titles of the spicy books she enjoys – particularly the book she’d had open at the time, Spanked and Dominated by the Boss. Yikes. Talk about embarrassing. Even worse, she’s a virtual kink-virgin in real life, and when Mr. Mizenov threatens to spank her if she’s a mere minute late for work, she has to make a choice. To be on time…or to be naughty?

Note:  Breaking His Rules is a short story that contains scenes of spanking, medical fetish (temperature taking, oh my!), and other erotic content.

And remember… Breaking His Rules is FREE on Amazon from July 19th-22nd. Yep. You can get your spank on for FREE! 🙂

FREE on Amazon US

FREE on Amazon UK

FREE on Amazon CA

FREE on Amazon DE

About Sue:

Sue Lyndon is a multi-published author of erotic BDSM romance and spanking romances. She enjoys a good book in any genre, loves Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, and runs on coffee and chocolate.



Confession Time

Coming_to_TermsThanks to Sue Lyndon for sharing a copy of Lazy Day Publishing’s latest anthology, Coming to Terms. When Sue told me about her story and explained about DD – domestic discipline – I asked her if I could read Confession Time.

Given my health issues, I’ve been spending a lot of time napping and reading. Sue’s story was the perfect length for what I needed.

Lucy and her husband of five years, James, include domestic discipline as part of their marriage. The story starts with Lucy nervously awaiting her husband’s return from work. I like how Ms. Lyndon gets right into the story:

With her free hand, she rubbed her panty-clad bottom, knowing he would be paying a great deal of attention to that particular part of her body tonight.

James not only spanks Lucy for punishment but on Friday nights, she gets “maintenance spankings.” James explains it as:

“… It’s a light spanking, once a week, on Friday nights, to help us reconnect with one another and to help reinforce our roles in this marriage. Think of it as a meaningful conversation.”

Okay, I know what your thinking….really? a maintenance spanking?? That just doesn’t sound right.

Well, keep reading. Ms. Lyndon shows that trust is the basis of these spankings. In fact, the spankings serve to arouse both parties. Lucy feels tenderness and love toward her husband along with a bit of anxiousness when it comes to the spankings. Sadly, this trepidation causes Lucy to clench her cheeks in anticipation of what is to come. James, however, has a solution for this. And, oh, I’m not sharing that one – you have to read to find out!

The story continues with the couple deciding to take a stay-cation. Although, leave it to Lucy to get herself into trouble. She agrees to let her sister, Wendy, live with them all summer when she loses her job and can’t stand living with her mom and her mom’s new boyfriend. Lucy doesn’t consult with James before making this decision. Fortunately, James has a solution – they can rent a cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains for the vacation – lots of privacy for spankings there *wink*

Things on their vacation are going well – both with spankings and sex – until Lucy gets a worried message from her sister. Seems Wendy had been looking for batteries and stumbled upon something very personal. Of course, prying eyes wanted to know so Wendy took it upon herself to investigate. Lucy panics – she doesn’t want her secret getting out, and she knows that’s just what her sister will do – spill. Frantic at not being able to reach her sister by phone (despite the fact it’s the middle of the night), Lucy leaves the cabin – without waking James – to confront her sister.

However, James notices his wife is missing and high tails it to their home. I won’t spoil what happens, but I will hint that it is more than a maintenance spanking. At least, it takes place at the cabin, out of sight and sound of Lucy’s nosey sister.

This last snippet will give you a hint:

“You don’t have to be brave in front of me, Lucy girl … But I know you trust me to do it right.”

His words broke her. A sob burst from her throat as a shudder racked her body. “I do trust you, James. I love you. And I’m so sorry.” Mores sniffles escaped her, and James fought the urge to gather her up in his arms. Later, he told himself. Later he could hold her until morning.

If you are new to Domestic Discipline, I highly recommend Ms. Lyndon’s story and the anthology.

4 .5 out of 5 stars!

Coming to Terms can be found on Goodreads at http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17901106-coming-to-terms and on Amazon at  http://www.amazon.com/Coming-to-Terms-ebook/dp/B00CS7XLNQ/ref=la_B006A8J6KG_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1368887068&sr=1-5

Sue Lyndon can be found at http://www.suelyndon.com/. Be sure to follow her on Twitter @SueLyndon.

Another Weekend Gone

Another weekend is coming to a close…I’m pleasantly distracted by the aroma of grilled food drifting in through my sliding glass door. I am presently scrunched on my couch as my cat has decided to join me.

As I look back on the weekend, I wonder where it went and what I got accomplished, if anything! So, here goes a recap (which instead of actually being a recap may be more of a ramble):

Friday night – piano lesson. I decided Gershwin wasn’t for me. I’m still working on Clair de Lune, which is coming along rather nicely. I also added Massenet’s (hope I spelled it right) Meditation from Thais (hope I spelled that right, too!). My teacher is convinced I have a thing for Romantic music (and composers who lived from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s). If you have any suggestions of music for me, please let me know! Sometimes it is frustrating trying to find a piece I like well enough to spend hours upon hours practicing. ‘Cause, yeah, if I don’t like it, I won’t practice it.

Saturday – started with coffee and muffins with my author friend, Sue Lyndon. It was great to catch-up and chat. We both managed to get sunburned from sitting outside. The weather was gorgeous so you won’t hear me complaining! After that, I managed to go for a run/ walk. I was so excited that my knee didn’t complain at all. Has to be a first!! Upon my return, I visited with my neighbors. By the time I got home, I was beat!! Instead of writing, I tackled editing on two of my pieces. I think I made a good bit of progress.

Sunday – began with church and was followed by grocery shopping (oh, my most favorite activity. COUGH!). Then, I wanted to take a nap – my allergies have been killing me and I haven’t been able to sleep in. No such luck. Enter practicing the piano and art. I finished a page in my journal that is pretty cool, I think. I really need to get over my fear of watercolors – just need to dive in and see what happens!! Then, I ended the night with more practice. Well, before my blog post!

I suppose you notice that the one thing which is missing is . . . Reading! Yikes!! I need to get back into it. I think part of my problem is that I need to read on my Kindle at night (poor vision, one of the joys of getting older), and the other issue is that I’m squeezing so much into my awake time that when I go to bed, there is no need to read. I’m out for the count! However, I have noticed a correlation between lack of reading and struggling to write. I think reading helps my grammar and inspiration. Maybe it is just a matter of finding the right book that I can’t bear to put down… wish me luck on that one!


Christmas with the Professor

Congrats to my friend, Sue Lyndon, on her latest release Christmas with the Professor. It is a BDSM Erotic Romance published by Books to Go Now.

Be sure to check out Sue’s blog for an excerpt from her steamy story *wink* http://www.suelyndon.com/2012/11/christmas-with-professor-new-bdsm.html

It is currently available through Amazon and will be released through Barnes & Noble and other ebook retailers in the new future.

Congrats, girl, on your year of being a published author! You rock! I wish you many more years of publishing success 🙂

You can also find Sue on Facebook and Twitter: @SueLyndon.