Top 10 Books Stuck on my TBR List

I’ve got a break between grad school classes, and I thought I would take the opportunity to get caught up on my blogging…if that’s even possible!

I stopped by The Broke and the Bookish to check out the latest Top 10 Tuesday List. This week’s topic is the Top 10 Books that have been on your TBR list since before you started blogging…ones that you still haven’t read! I’m sure I have several books that qualify! I’m going to head to Goodreads and check out my earliest TBR books. This should be interesting to say the least!

Ready or not…here goes!toptentuesday

Top 10 Books Stuck on my TBR List

  1. Fade to Midnight (McClouds and Friends #7) by Shannon McKenna – Romantic Suspense
  2. Eternity and a Day (Desires of the Otherworld #1) by Aline Hunter – Paranormal Romance
  3. Decadent Deceptions by Keta Diablo – Historical Romance (not my favorite genre so this one will likely be stuck a while longer!)
  4. Fearless Desires (Immortal Love #1) by Stacey Espino – Paranormal Romance
  5. Blood Signs (Blood, Moon, and Sun #1) by Amber Kell – M/M Romance
  6. Dancing with Venus by Roscoe James – F/F Romance
  7. He’s So Shy (Bad Boys #1) by Lena Matthews – Romance/Erotica
  8. Special Delivery (Special Delivery #1) by Heidi Cullinan – M/M Romance
  9. Bareback (Bareback #1) by Chris Owen – M/M Romance
  10. Real Vampires Have Curves (Glory St. Clair #1) by Gerry Bartlett – Vampires

I seem to have quick a mix. You wouldn’t think it would be hard to pick one to move from TBR to Read, right?? In theory at least…

So, any recommendations of which book should be the first to come off my list??


Top Ten Tuesday: Books that need a Theme Song

This week topic at The Broke and the Bookish is all about music and books. I’m going with the suggested topic of “books we’d give theme songs to.” Well, actually, I’m going to amend it to “book series that we’d give a theme song to.” Hope that works for everyone.


If you want to check out the other bloggers participating, stop by their website. It’s a lot of fun so I encourage participation!

Here we go!

Top Ten Book Series that Need a Theme Song

  1. The Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva (Spy/Espionage). Granted, Gabriel is Jewish, but for all he does for others and for helping the Pope, my suggestion for a theme song would be “The Saint” by Orbital.
  2. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward (PNR). I know the Brothers like hip hop, but I’m not a fan. When I think of Wrath and Beth, I think of Darius and how cultured he was so I would pick something other than hip hop or rap. What, exactly that would be…yeah. Not sure.
  3. Hell or High Water by S.E. Jakes (M-M Romance). For Tom and his past, I’d got with Willie Nelson singing “City of New Orleans.”
  4. Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill (PNR). When I think of Ethan, I think of classy. I’d go with Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve got you under my Skin.” We do know how Merit and Ethan feel about each other *wink*
  5. THIRDS by Charlie Cochet (M-M PNR). Is Straight No Chaser singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” too comical for the THIRDS? Would “Bad Moon Rising” be a better choice?
  6. The League by Sherrilyn Kenyon (SciFi/Fantasy). Maybe something Techno for this series?
  7. Immortal Guardians by Dianne Duvall (PNR)
  8. Cut & Run by Abigail Roux (M-M Romance). Is “Bad Boys” too cliche for this one??
  9. Downside Ghosts by Stacia Kane (Fantasy/Ghosts). Maybe something old school rock and roll?
  10. Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews (Urban Fantasy). I’m leaning toward Cold Play on this one. “Sky Full of Stars.”

As I’m sure you can, I struggled coming up with theme songs. I listen to a variety of music, but can’t always pull a song title out of my brain! Please, give me some help and suggestions in the comments.

Top Ten Tuesday: Recent TBR Adds

This week’s topic on The Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Books I’ve Recently Added To My TBR. This should be an easy one…I recently added several books that will be released later this year. Good stuff to look forward to!

Check out other bloggers participating in the topic here.


Here we go!

My Top Ten Recent Adds to my TBR List

  1. The Mermaid Murders by Josh Lanyon (M-M Romance)
  2. Born of Legend (The League #11) by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Sci-Fi/ Fantasy)
  3. Magic Binds (Kate Daniels #9) by Ilona Andrews (Urban Fantasy)
  4. Into the Fire (Night Prince #4) by Jeaniene Frost (PNR)
  5. Trident’s First Gleaming by Stephen Templin (Thriller/ Military)
  6. Seduction Game (I-Team #7) by Pamela Clare (Romantic Suspense)
  7. Abandoned and Unseen (Branded Packs #2) by Alexandra Ivy & Carrie Ann Ryan (Paranormal/ Shifters)
  8. The Defector (Gabriel Allon #9) by Daniel Silva (Spy Thriller)
  9. The Start of a Beautiful Friendship by Tinnean (M-M Romance)
  10. Brothers in Arms by Kendall McKenna (M-M Romance)

Top Ten Tuesday: Fall PNR TBR

Welcome to another edition of Top Ten Tuesday. I’ve tweaked this week’s topic just a bit. The Broke and the Bookish sponsor the posts so be sure to stop by and check out what other bloggers will be reading.

Technically, this week’s topic is the Top Ten Books On My Fall TBR. I’m going to make my list a bit more specific…since I’m into reading Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy of late (amongst my non-fiction reads), I’m going to focus on newly released (or to-be-released) PNR books.

Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Are you looking forward to reading any of the same books?

Top Ten Books on My Fall PNR TBR List

(these are in no particular order)

  1. Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels #8) by Ilona Andrews — I love me some Kate and Curran!
  2. Blood Kiss (Black Dagger Legacy #1) by JR Ward — I know, after The Shadows, I said I was done with the BDB. However, I will probably still give this one a try *sigh*
  3. Born of Betrayal (The League #10) by Sherrilyn Kenyon — Love The League and so looking forward to Fain’s book.
  4. Bound to Darkness (Midnight Breed #13) by Lara Adrian — I’ve gotten behind in the Midnight Breed series and need to catch-up. I found I liked her books better once I got farther into the series.
  5. Rage/ Killian (Bayou Heat 17 & 18) by Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright — some sexy pumas, hell yeah!
  6. Stolen & Forgiven (Branded Packs #1) by Alexandra Ivy & Carrie Ann Ryan — if I’m not mistaken, this is a new series. Can’t wait to check it out!

You’ll notice Chloe Neill and Patricia Briggs are missing. No new ones from them until 2016 *sad face*

Top Ten Tuesday: Wolf/ Shifter Romance Reads

This week’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie—the blogger gets to choose the topic. I’ve been reading a lot of PNR lately so I wanted something along those lines. I checked out some of the lists on Goodreads and got my idea.

I’m doing a Top Ten of the Best Wolf/ Shifter Books that I’ve read (most of these, if not all, are going to be romance).


Be sure to stop by The Broke and the Bookish…see what others have chosen.

What are your thoughts? Have you read any of these?? (By the way, they are listed in no particular order.)

Top Ten Tuesday Wolf/ Shifter (Romance) Reads

  1. Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1)  by Patricia Briggs. Mercy shifts into a coyote in this series. There are also a host of paranormal characters, too.
  2. Bitten (Women of the Otherworld #1) by Kelley Armstrong. In this series, Elena Michaels is a werewolf.
  3. Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1) by Ilona Andrews. Can’t skip over Curran, the mighty lion shifter!
  4. Pride Mates (Shifters Unbound #1) by Jennifer Ashley. Liam’s the shifter in this book, and wouldn’t you know I don’t remember his animal?? Someone help me out here, please 🙂 I want to say cats, but I’m not sure.
  5. How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf #1) by Molly Harper. This was very entertaining, and obviously, the title tells you the kind of shifter. LOL
  6. Nightshade (Nightshade #1) by Andrea Creamer. More wolves in this one.
  7. Bear Necessities (Halle Shifters #1) by Dana Marie Bell. If you guessed bears, you’d be right!
  8. Crux (Southern Arcana #1) by Moira Rogers. Magic and shifters abound in this one. Great series if you haven’t checked it out.
  9. The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld #1) by Gena Showalter. Maddox isn’t technically a shifter, but he is filled with a demon. Hopefully that’s close enough to count!
  10. Scent of Darkness (Darkness Chosen #1) by Christina Dodd. Another wolf (I seem to like these!)
  11. Hotter after Midnight (Midnight #1) by Cynthia Eden. Colin’s a sexy wolf shifter.
  12. Moonlight (Moon #1) by Lisa Kessler. Adam’s one hot werewolf!
  13. Hakan/ Severin (Bayou Heat #11-12) by Alexandra Ivy. This whole series is hot…lots of puma shifters!
  14. Chosen by Fate (Para-Ops #2) by Virna DePaul. This has both vampires, wraiths, and werewolves.
  15. Claimed by the Wolf (Shadow Guardians #1) by Charlene Teglia. Lots of sups and shifters in this one.
  16. Megan’s Mark (Breeds #7) by Lora Leigh. Yummy cat shifters.

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Top 10 Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From

Time for another Top Ten Tuesday list! Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for sponsoring. Be sure to check out their page here.


This week’s topic is the Top Ten Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From. I’m kind of curious to see how it turns out. Thanks to Goodreads for keeping track of my reading!

The count may not be 100% accurate, but I’m going to do my best! (As a side note, I didn’t start using Goodreads until 2010 so the list includes books read since that time.)

Let the list begin…

  • Sherrilyn Kenyon (23)the_dickens_with_love
  • Josh Lanyon (22)
  • Alexandra Ivy (20)
  • J.R. Ward (16)
  • Jeaniene Frost (12)
  • Gena Showalter (11)
  • Ilona Andrews (11)
  • Patricia Briggs (11)
  • Chloe Neill (10)
  • Christine Warren (10)
  • Lynn Viehl (10)
  • Z.A. Maxfield (10)
  • Larissa Ione (8)
  • Maya Banks (8)
  • Richelle Mead (8)
  • Stacia Kane (8)

I decided to throw a couple of extras in…it was fun seeing the results of my counting. I guess from my list you can tell I like PNR, M/M Romance, and Urban Fantasy!

Did any of my authors make your list?

Last Ten Books That Came Into My Possession

It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday list. Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for sponsoring! As always, check out their site to visit lists posted by other bloggers.

I actually made my list while I was on vacation. It was kind of easy in that regard…I had purchased a paperback and downloaded a couple of books to my Kindle. Please post a comment of what you think…are any of my books recent reads or purchases for you?

Last Ten Books That Came Into My Possession

  1. Bittersweet by  Miranda Beverly-Whittemore (contemporary fiction/ mystery)
  2. Beg Me to Slay by Lisa Kessler (paranormal romance/ fantasy)Beg_Me_To_Slay
  3. Operation Saving Daniel (Melville Sisters #1) by Nina Croft (paranormal romance/ shifters)
  4. When Will I Be Loved (Crescent Bay Chronicles #2) by Julie Lynn Hayes (mm romance/ paranormal)
  5. Born of Defiance (The League #8) by Sherrilyn Kenyon (paranormal romance/ sci-fi)
  6. The Last Full Measure by Jeff Shaara (historical fiction/ Civil War)
  7. When Darkness Ends (Guardians of Eternity #12) by Alexandra Ivy (paranormal romance/ fantasy)
  8. A Sorceress of His Own (The Gifted Ones #1) by Dianne Duvall (historical paranormal romance)
  9. Falling (Fall or Break #1) by Barbara Elsborg (mm contemporary romance)
  10. Looking for Alaska by John Green (young adult fiction)