Deathless Love

After reading Spank and Run, I wanted to check out another of Renee Rose’s stories. After looking over the offerings, I was intrigued by Deathless Love. Who doesn’t love a paranormal romance, right?

I admit it – I loved this read! I had huge amounts of difficulty when it came to putting it down. Seriously. I had to know what was going to happen next between Dom & Kate.

Wow! I can’t even being to describe how hot-hot-hot Dom, short for Dominic, is. What a freaking sexy vampire! He is an awesome character – one you fall for right from the start and one you cheer for the entire way through the story. Doesn’t hurt that he’s Italian and the owner of a club – No Return.

Kate, a human, is a grad school student and leader singer in the band, Morphs. The book opens with the band finishing up a gig, and Kate witnessing Fox, another band member, drinking blood from the neck of a sexy boy toy. Kate nearly flips out, but Fox explains things to her and stresses that she can’t spill his secret.

The shy singer has always had a thing for Dom, and now that she knows he’s a vamp, her fantasies explode with visions of him spanking her, taking her, and drinking her blood.


Dom and Stella aren’t thrilled that Kate knows about their kind, but Dom makes Fox responsible for her even though he feels very protective of Kate.

One evening, while on break, Kate over does the shots of tequila. She ends up falling off stage in the middle of  a performance. Oopsie! Enter Dom having a chat with her – a chat that ends with a spanking and some hot sex! Whoo hoo!!

As time goes by, Dom and Kate grow on each other and their relationship grows and deepens – including the spanking component. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but there was nice surprise. Ms. Rose even included a bit of suspense with Roxanna, a devious vampire, who has been targeting older vampires while turning the younger vamps into minions.

I must praise Ms. Rose’s writing style. She explains the “rules” her vampires have without hitting the reader over the head with them or without dumping them all in one paragraph. Her characters have their flaws – Dom and his rule about mortals, for instance – but they find ways to overcome and grow throughout the story. The pacing was perfect – the story moves along nicely while the characters quickly grow on you. For me, there was the right mix of spanking, and the sex was very hot!!

I want to share a sample of her writing. At 14% Dom and Kate are out to dinner:

She had a confessional tone, and didn’t it just make him lean forward, hungry for her next words.

“Will you do it again for me? What you did last night?”

Oh god. His fangs elongated. Fuck breaking up. He’d never expected her to be so bold when she was sober. Her words ignited a fire in him that would be painful to ignore – he’d gone rock hard. He wanted her – he wanted to be in her, sucking her blood, making her moan and yes, spanking her beautiful bare butt.

If you like spanking, hot men (or vamps in this case), and a shy, yet tough woman, you need to read Deathless Love.

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5 out of 5 stars


I wasted no time in reading Will’s story, Omega, the third book in the Penton Legacy by Susannah Sandlin. I was so excited when it was downloaded to my Kindle.

Not to ruin anything, but I have to say that this is one of those reads where you are sad when you are finished. I wanted to know so much more about how Will and Randa’s lives were going – along with the rest of the Penton crew. I like it when authors include their previous characters in later books. Ms. Sandlin gave us a lot of Aidan and Krys, Mirren and Glory, and Hannah as well as Melissa and Mark. She also introduced Cage Reynolds, who I really liked. Of course the bad guys – Matthias and Sheldon – had to come back, too. Darn it!

At the start of the book, the Penton crew – vamps and fams – are making the best of living underground in Omega while MatthiasOmega terrorizes what remains of the town above ground. The bad guy was really too smart and crafty for his own good in this one! Luckily, the Penton crew has the smart and savvy Will Ludlam and the tough as nails Randa Thomas.

When I read the first two books in the series, I wasn’t sure about Will. I liked him well enough but didn’t really know a lot about him. In Omega, however, wow. Will is such a complex character, he was impossible not to love. Close your ears Aidan and Mirren, but I think Will is my favorite of the three. I really like the big guy and Aidan is sexy as hell, but Will’s past and the things he’s had to overcome make me want to grab him and not let go.

I really enjoyed how Ms. Sandlin built the chemistry between Will and Randa. The character growth and how they came to trust each other was perfect! Plus, we got to meet Randa’s father and one of her brothers. Very cool!!

I truly hope Ms. Sandlin continues with the series in some shape or form. It is just too good not to. She has left things open with Omega Force so I hope that was a bit of foreshadowing for those of us readers wanting more.

If you enjoy paranormal romance and vampires, this series is a must-read. Mark it down and get started. I promise, once you do, you will be hooked.

5 out of 5 stars.